Updated 11 January 2022. Subject to further changes.

This page provides the requirements and guidelines for the Fairfield Bowling Club to operate for members and guests during the staged restrictions and staged return applicable for the safety and wellbeing of its members and guests.

At this time

The Club is pleased to offer the use of the green, clubhouse and bar to members and guests for both competive and social bowls and for other functions.

All persons attending the club property will:

  • Be fully vaccinated and able to provide the evidence on request
  • Be required to sign-in to the on-site contact tracing system operated by Service Victoria
  • Be required to apply sanitiser to their hands on arrival
  • Comply with any direction provided by an appointed COVID Marshall and any foot traffic directions as applied at that time

The clubhouse will be restricted to a maximum of 80 persons indoors at any time. No limits will be applied to those outdoors. This 80 person limit includes a limit of no more than 4 persons in the kitchen at any time and no more than 2 persons (authorised) in the bar at any time.

Persons utilising the green will:

  • Refrain from handling each other’s equipment and will refrain from the use of the scoreboards or any umpiring equipment (excluding where necessary for the conduct of competitive matches)
  • Refrain from making use of the use of other bowls equipment of the club unless these have been sanitised and their use is kept to the practical minimum

The Club is entitled to set time limits on the use of rinks in order to apply a fair-use for all.

The clubhouse and bar may be open at the discretion of the Club. 

This policy was created 29 March 2020. This policy has been updated 24 October, 28 October, 13 November, 28 November, 4 December, 8 December, 5 March 2021, 4 August, 22 October, 29 October, 1 November, 21 November, 11 January 2022