Jack Attack Lite

The Fairfield Bowling Club would like to make it known that it will be hosting a Jack Attack Lite competition over the coming months.

What is Jack Attack Lite?

Jack Attack Lite is a round-robin competition between teams of three, held on multiple evenings over the summer months. The number of weeks will be defined by the number of entries received.
No prior bowls experience or bowls membership is required.
Matches will be played at the Fairfield Bowling Club, weekday evenings and under lights if necessary.
A knockout final may be used to determine the competition winner at the end of the competition (subject to the number of entries received).

Jack Attack Lite is suitable for friends, families, work colleagues etc to enter.

The first running will commence Friday 20 November 2021, 7pm.

Jack Attack Lite is played:

  • Three players per team
  • Team order can be interchangeable before each end
  • Each player plays two bowls per end
  • Five ends completes a set
  • Two sets completes a match
  • A sudden-death tie-break will determine a winner, should sets be evenly split
  • Players aim to deliver their bowl as close to the jack as possible
  • The number of your team’s bowls closer to the jack than the nearest opposition bowl is the number of points you score
  • The jack is placed wherever the winning team wants at the opposite end of the green
  • Players to wait until all bowls are delivered before changing ends. No-one stands at the “Skip” end
  • Each team gets to have one power-play end per set. A power-play is where points for the team calling that power-play are worth double
  • Should the jack be knocked out of play, it will be re-placed back in a central position known as the ‘T’
  • Casual attire and in bare feet if you want (or flat soled shoes)
  • Players may be substituted between matches with no limits on the number of substitutions used for each team
  • No more than one experienced bowler to be in play at any time

How to Enter or Register your Interest?

You can enter a team or register your interest through our Contact Form and specify “Jack Attack”.
Feel free to enter with your own catchy team name or get a sponsor and use their name.