Season Wrap – 2020/21

The 2020/21 season commenced with a great deal of uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly made sure of that. We couldn’t be sure of when or even if the season would get underway or what it would look like.

The Pennant season did get underway with a later than usual start and re-organised into sections of 8 (14 sectional rounds).

The Midweek Pennant side (Div 4) led the way for our Club this season. Narrowly failing to find a finals berth in the previous year, they finished atop the section with a 12-1-1 season and won through as section winners and a promotion.

The Saturday Div 2 Pennant side, having won promotion in each of the two previous seasons, found going difficult in the higher division and finished 7th with 4 wins. The side’s aim of avoiding relegation was fulfilled.

The Saturday Div 5 Pennant side, also having won promotion into the higher division showed promise at times but was overwhelmed and finished the same at 7th with 4 wins. Similarly it managed to avoid relegation.

A highlight too was the Night Pennant side making the Div 3 final, going down by a single shot in that final.

Midweek Div 4 Section 9 Winners