Updated 19 April 2021. Subject to further changes.

This page provides the requirements and guidelines for the Fairfield Bowling Club to operate for members and guests during the staged restrictions applicable to clubs in Metropolitan Melbourne and for the safety and wellbeing of its members and guests.

In providing the following provisions for the club to open for members and guests to play bowls, the club expects that any person who is feeling unwell, showing signs of respiratory illness or under any directions to self-isolate does not attend the club.  The club expects that members and guests will apply common sense and good hygiene practices at all times.

The premises and facilities will be open for bowling and other events subject to the following:

  • All persons attending the club for periods of 15 minutes or more are required to sign-in to the onsite contact tracing system. Records will be maintained by Victorian DHHS
  • Persons attending the club for the purpose of pennant matches and where their participation is recorded within the Bowlslink system, will be exempt from the above
  • All persons are to apply sanitiser to their hands on arrival
  • The number of persons permitted in any area at any time will be to the following limits:
    – Outdoors – 80
    – Main Hall (with curtain open, therefore including the lounge area) – 80
    – Main Hall (with curtain closed) – 70
    – Lounge Area (with curtain closed) – 8
    – Kitchen – 4
    – Locker Room – 8
    – Male Toilet, including connected Storage Room – 6
    – Female Toilet – 4
    – Bar – 2
    – Bowls Storage Room – 2
  • Foot-traffic will be restricted to a single-direction through the veranda areas and the clubhouse will be used to facilitate this; All persons are to follow the signage/markings provided within these areas; Persons are requested to avoid creating bottlenecks within these areas and must follow any directions to move on issued by the Covid Marshall
  • The cutlery, crockery and containers provided within the kitchen may be used, with appropriate hygiene, cleaning and sanitation processes in place
  • [Excluding pennant and organised matches] Smoking will be confined to the locations as pre-COVID restrictions
  • [Pennant and organised matches] Smoking will be confined to the spaces adjacent to the four corners of the green and not within any designated walkway

For further information – BV Return to Bowls Guidelines V9

This policy was created 29 March 2020. This policy has been updated 24 October, 28 October, 13 November, 28 November, 4 December, 8 December, 5 March