Updated 8 December. Subject to further changes.

This page provides the requirements and guidelines for the Fairfield Bowling Club to operate for members and guests during the staged restrictions applicable to clubs in Metropolitan Melbourne and for the safety and wellbeing of its members and guests.

In providing the following provisions for the club to open for members and guests to play bowls, the club expects that any person who is feeling unwell, showing signs of respiratory illness or under any directions to self-isolate does not attend the club.  The club expects that members and guests will apply common sense and good hygiene practices at all times.

Entry and Numbers:

  • The premises will be open for bowling, subject to usual green opening restrictions; The premises will be open for any function appropriate to the running of the Club
  • All persons (players and non-players, including those working or volunteering at the club) attending the club for periods of 15 minutes or more are required to sign-in to a contact tracing register.  The Club will maintain these records for a period of 28 days after which they will be destroyed; Pens used to record the names will be wiped with an appropriate wipe between users
  • Spectators are permitted at games
  • All persons attending the premises (and after contact tracing sign-on) are to sanitise their hands on arrival; The Club will provide hand sanitiser at the entry to the clubhouse
  • The club will impose a limit of 80 persons located outdoors
  • The club will impose a limit of 80 persons located indoors
  • The Club may enforce pre-booking of time slots to manage demand if necessary
  • Foot-traffic will be restricted to a single-direction through the veranda areas and the clubhouse will be used to facilitate this; All persons are to follow the signage/markings provided within these areas; Persons are requested to avoid creating bottlenecks within these areas and must follow any directions to move on issued by the Covid Marshall
  • Masks are to be work in accordance with DHHS regulations
  • The toilets will be cleaned before each game and the handbasin wiped down regularly during days of high use


  • The bar may be opened at any time at the discretion of the bar manager; The bar will be attended by no more than one person at a time; The Club will prefer all payments to be made by EFTPOS to minimise the handling of cash
  • The Club will offer individually bottled drinking water for sale through the bar and may, at its discretion, provide the same outside of the bar for sale during games

Water and Food:

  • The common king water fountains will be available for all players and visitors to use; The Club recommends that persons bring their own water and/or water containers to use at the Club to minimise contact
  • Food may be brought into the club, subject to the use of disposable plates and cutlery and all waste disposed of outside of the clubhouse
  • The kitchen facilities (kettle, refrigerator, ovens, warmers, sink, crockery, cutlery, bins etc) are not available for use by persons at the club; Exception where a single person has been nominated to handle all items within that area and dispense food or drinks and where cleaning takes place immediately afterwards


  • [Excluding pennant and organised matches] Smoking will be confined to the locations as pre-COVID restrictions
  • [Pennant and organised matches] Smoking will be confined to the spaces adjacent to the four corners of the green and not within any designated walkway

Bowling (including pennant, pennant practice and organised matches):

  • Players are to refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others, and keep 1.5 metres apart
  • Players are not to handle the bowls or other equipment of other players unless absolutely necessary; Spray chalk or liquid chalk are the only markers permitted
  • Players are not to use the scoreboards during practice; Where used for matches, a nominated person must be the only person handling that scoreboard and will be sanitised before and after use
  • Players are to ensure that mats and jacks are only handled to the minimum level necessary to conduct the game, with different mats and jacks used by each team if possible
  • Players are not to use any ditch markers during practice; Where used for matches, these will not be handled except where necessary and must be sanitised after each use
  • Players are not to use the umpires kit during practice; Where used for matches, a nominated person must be the only person handling that kit and the kit must be sanitised before and after use
  • The Club will not offer a “Tea Break” or “Lunch Break” during play during “Home” pennant matches.  The Club supports the use of a short break during play at an appropriate time and at staggered intervals if possible, but at the discretion of the appointed Side Manager may play without a break
  • Side and team meetings are permitted, within any restrictions applicable to maintaining a minimum of 1.5m between persons
  • All instances of carpooling managed by the Club or by a representative of the Club will be in accordance with any current DHHS regulations

Covid Marshall:

  • For all practice and for matches, the Club will appoint a Covid Marshall, whose responsibilities will be to ensure that these requirements are followed and is a source of information to persons at the club
  • All persons in attendance are required to follow the directions given by the Covid Marshall and may be subject to disciplinary actions where they refuse to comply

Note that the above is provided in accordance with the latest information provided by Bowls Victoria (23 November) and is subject to change

For further information – BV Return to Bowls Guidelines

This policy was created 29 March 2020. This policy has been updated 24 October, 28 October, 13 November, 28 November, 4 December