Fairfield Bowling Club Board & Positions

The 2015 Fairfield board is comprised as follows:

Chairperson – David Taylor
Administration Officer – Champay Oram
Finance Officer – Simon Read
Bowls Operations Officer – Graham Down
Facilities Co-Ordinator – Board to Run
Commercial Officer – Michael Crosby
Development Officer – Board to run
Welfare Office – Val Young

The selection committee’s are made up as follows;

Saturday Selection
Mick Carter
David Duncan – Chairperson
Peter Oram
Lindsay Long

Midweek Selection
Barbara Stonehouse
Tom Logan
Ray Walsh

The Bar Committee is made up as follows;
Renato Sforzin (Fritz)
Barbara Stonehouse
Michael Crosby
Champay Oram

The Sponsorship Committee is made up as follows;
David Duncan
Boris Micali
Champay Oram